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2020 appearing as the worst year in our lifetime. People throughout the global community are gradually sinking into anxiety
frustration and mental depression.
A gross negative signal towards the future of humanity. The situation has turned into a new normal with closure of academic institutions, work from home, huge sale in wine shops, spiralling of price of essential commodities.
One friend was saying, God has taken added interest in human affairs without revealing any reasons and hopefully God will take care of us before everything vanishes into the blue.
Our energy is being wasted, we fail to decide what is right what is wrong, creativity getting disturbed. Personally I am relearning a lesson from the great poet : if the darkness looms large over humanity, if songs of life are stopped,still the wings of activity must remain open. This enlightenment in our soul emerging as ultimate resolution.
Surround yourself with positive people. Gossipers and negative voice spreaders are
like weeds. Be cautious with Them.




A few words 2
Arup Kumar Ganguly

Be ambitious
Surround yourself with people who speak positive. Negative people are time- wasters. To be ambitious is a game changer from ordinary to extraordinary.Earl Nightingale said, What you think most of the time about yourself,you are the person. He also said, what we plant in our sub conscious mind and nourish this again and again with emotion comes true one day.
To be ambitious is an ardent desire in career development.There are two parts of ambition.First you need to have a specific goal in mind,second part is will to achieve it. Simply wanting something does not make you ambitious.The destiny of individual is determined by his ambition and how he strives for achieving it. Ambition is the powerful laser ray which focuses on your whole career. We may conclude here with a small note :To be ambitious is the birthright of a DREAM. Imagination is the plantation.

When you start digging in search of water and don't get it, you are actually tracking the roadmap.You go on digging, you will reach to the source.
SA RE GA MA is not the song but initial "swargam" to get to a song. You have to travel through a process to transform yourself for a cause.
India Gate does not gather rust,because it is made of quality steal. Iron is totally transformed into steal and there is no reversion. Practicing ambitious project will make you transformed gradually.

Failures are in less number while you take baby steps. You are not a corporate,You are not the Government, you are an individual carrying your dreams. You have to start with alphabate , with small words.Don't put up big posters on the wall. Work silently. You try
to build an arc. a small boat and one day you can build the titanic Example, Steve Jobs. Who was he? A dreamer, who started his mission with two persons in a garage.Today his 'Apple computer' is a billion dollar worth company with over 4000 technicians all over the world.

Fire was invented out of ardent desire of human.It was inevitable. Desire must be proceeding in a 'do or die' situation, korenge ye morenge " activity. Then only big dreams become successful. Example, J K Rowling, the author of best seller series ' Harry Potter' had an unsuccessful marriage and she was left alone with many children. She was drowning and ultimately came the grand success.
But what was her preparation? She read the script before 14 publishers and was rejected one after another.Satyajit Ray, the great maestro of Indian cinema had the similar experience. His film script of. ' Pather Panchali' was rejected by almost all producers in Tollywood. He was not ready for any compromise formula. He sold his personal belongings, ornaments belonging to his wife Vijaya Ray and started the shooting in a small way and stopped midway due to paucity of fund. The then CM of Bengal Bidhan Chandra Ray read his script and agreed to go ahead with Govt help. The rest is history. 'Pather Panchali,' won laurels from Cannes Festival as also earned 100 times worth of initial money invested. To get something you have to sacrifice something. Your mornings, afternoons must be dedicated to a cause. Get rid of lame excuse. ' To be or not to be'
is the ultimate resolution.

You are the cause. Like a seed under the soil, like a stick in a matchbox, like a pen in the hands of a writer and so on. You will make happen the great great events. Just a matter of time and availing of opportunity.This is effect. What effect you want to make in your career, in your family or in the society as a whole? Tornedo brings disaster, but rain brings blessing for new plantation.You were born a lucky human being and life is one and finally one on the world stage. There is no rehearsal, no rewinding. Direct floor shoot and people are observing you. So?
Be the cause and bring effect. Everybody has 24 hours a day 7 days a week 30 days a month. But time and tide wait for none, be it for Sir Newton,Einstein, Rabindranath, Pablo Picasso, or you.


Preparing Oneself for Salesmanship (part 1)


A few words : Arup Kumar Ganguly
Resolve every conflict before any preparation.Don't carry any baggage of grievances or bitterness in mind because your planning preparation penetration will hamper.

A wrong practice will generate a wrong result. So what to do, why to do, when to do must be clear in mind. Regular practice of Yoga will give you healthy body and healthy mind.Similarly regular prospecting for new customer will bring success in procuring quality business. Have patience and perseverance in your mission.

Tagore said,our Life -oil is limited, if we engage ourselves in regular tussles what will remain for our creativity? Use of time and particularly quality time is important. Burning candle in day time is of no use. So right moment to act is also necessary. segmentation of time slot with priority is the prime area of progress. A prudent balancing act is demand of the hour.

You must have a dream. It ignites fire in your blood. Plant and parasite grow together.Sometimes we can not separate them. Parasite is eating food of plant. You have to operate in time. Even you have to select plantation according to environment. Prospecting to be done segment -wise according to peoples' Choice or demand. Climates will change and we have to search for warm garments. Selling to masses is easier. Changing their habit, their culture is not an easy task. Buyer's persona means potential buyer, not masses.

Peasants start plantation when there is seasonal rain. Students spend sleepless night before ensuing examination. A lotus blooms from its roots in the mud. We know but we do not follow the rule of game. Jessica cox had no arms from her birth. But she became the first certified armless pilot in the world because she had a dream to fly under the limitless sky. Leave your comfort zone for success.

Your past might have been full of stress, so you were stuck in midway. Your future is uncertain. Your present is hastle free as you resolve all inner doubts. Go ahead. Good day.


Life Insurance Sales Funnel, the Learning Parts - Part 2 on 15.11.2020

Indronil Roy Chowdhury

In the understanding part of the life insurance sales funnel, the most important part comes in to the picture is the CREATIVITY. A life insurance salesman whom we see to be a very successful one, is definitely be creative and a good learner. In this blog we will discuss a litte on the learning and creating process, as because during your past you may have learnt many things, some of them have even become irrelevant in the present scenario too. So it's the TRAINING PROCESS which actually helps you to forget some things even, it is to LEARN, UNLEARN AND RELEARN several times by which you become creative in your field and grab the mastery of life insurance sales. Here we will talk about the learning and creating process, before we go into the deep of the sales. It's like the foundation of your activities and leads toward the path to success.

REMEMBER: Recognising and recalling the facts is remembering. Now in our profession people learn things in two different ways, classroom studies and practical field experience. Day off and on many things are happening with us, but an intelligent sales person has a very good personal observation by which he or she remembers the situation, facts, and understands in deep, recall them several times with notes, it becomes a case study when one remembers and reproduces things.

UNDERSTAND: Here what the fact means is very important. Let me place an observation as an example. Suppose, you are to a man who is apparently seems to be a businessman in a partnership firm, shared with family members and also with father as his parent, in your observation if it is found that the man can take insurance, another fact lies indifferenty, the father is the authority, so until and unless the authority approves, nothing is going to happen. Your understanding of this theory will be the key to the sale.

APPLY: Apply the knowledge what is taught, NO !! It is the knowledge what you have learnt, is'nt it ? But you have to apply on time. This is to some extent is the Presence of Mind in our like profession. Nevertheless, it's a habit, repeated practice helps you to trigger on time, nothing else like it.

ANALYZE & EVALUATE: This is  a crucial part and most of us don't go in the deep or overlook. Let us understand an example. A man has described you the whole story like his expenses, gross income, educational expenses, liabilities write off, medical and ongoing contribution toward the savings. Now you have to analyze and find out the disposable income. Accordingly you will structure out the savings or investment components with the balance of proper risk management to safe guard the interest of the customer, the negotiation will be easier than what you expected, because you have done the proper HOME WORK. But unfortunately we cannot find time for that, find your time and see the result in the coming days, it produces really.

CREATE : With all the earlier steps properly executed, your learning process finally takes you to CREATION of absolute new idea. A small example will help you to understand. I have seen agents with 1:1 sales ratio. What does it mean ? They are basically the MDRTs or COTs. They talk, meet, understands, evaluates and finally CREATE their OWN CUSTOMISED PRESENTATION, not by any market sold software just with company logo, they create with their brands, their teams and take specialised tips from their mentors for a smooth finishing touch, punches confidence within and then recall for a closing appointment. When you see the name of a successful person on the board repeatedly, continuously and consistently, remember, it is backed by hundreds of sleepless nights. It's not a CHILD's PLAY, it's a serious game when you sale life insurance, your creativity over-rides the temptation of higher returns here.

I love to write, so I will keep on writing for you....

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Whatsapp and how to use for instant lead generation from desk from unknown persons – duration of 1.5 hrs X 2 classes and one review, Content includes two powerful templates of different sizes • Life Insurance business and need of brand promotion with specific branding ideas – 2hrs X 2 classes + one review class –in this class only Facebook is explained + FB page creation and Ad manager is explained for lead generation

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Mentors and trainers: All renowned life insurance professionals and technical coaches.


Oindrilla Roy Chowdhury





Selling life insurance had never been easy and that too in a developing economy like ours, where people prioritize investments before SECURITY. In my journey of last 29 years in the Life Insurance industry as a front line leader, I have ever got the opportunity to meet variety of people from different clusters, comprising of customers from different stages of the society and on the other hand consultants of both high and mediocre profile.

But surprisingly, believe or not, we are probably the people who face most of the rejections or objections everyday. While I take up my pen, I then sincerely pay my respect to the sales people of the life insurance industry, who, despite being so many times rejected, are in the ball-game. But as of now it's a quite competitive scenario, I think that mere product positioning is not going to serve you, rather to pro-claim, you may be the victim of too many rejections at a time if you don't have a WINNING MARKETING PLAN. To build up your sales strategies you have to understand the basics of the LIFE INSURANCE SALES FUNNEL.

You will also get some of the referred videos in order to explain the sales funnel in a bit detail in the https://developyourskill.com/lic-centre-videos/ section of this website. Check this video link: https://developyourskill.com/licvideo/the-life-insurance-sales-funnel/  Your efficiency reflects in your results, then the question comes why it is not that much reflected ? In a preview of the subject matter, one has to remember that the SALES FUNNEL and it's understanding is the core of the process. Until and unless one understand and adapt the strategies accordingly it is very difficult to hit the desired level of result. It would be my initiative to take you step by step to the depth of the LIFE INSURANCE SALES FUNNEL.

But to start with one has to remember that preparing the captive list of PROSPECTS is the key to success and PROSPECT list can only be prepared when you start moving with UNKNOWN people, elementarily you may start with friends, relatives and colleagues or some referrals, but it's a difficult-some job if one doesn't have the length of unknown people. Exactly so, the sales funnel starts with the unknown people. Taking up some strategic actions with them can only convert them into QUALIFIED LEADS, to whom now you can approach for the next connectivity. But in most of the cases in the preliminary days we make a major mistake of positioning a product.

The man who knows the ART OF PROSPECTING HAS BY DEFAULT KNOWN THE ART AND SCIENCE OF SELLING. Keep your eyes on the upcoming articles and blogs to be produced in quality for the explanation regarding creating the SUCCESSFUL SALES FUNNEL in your life insurance business. Visit us frequently. We always strive to serve your reasons in the industry. See you in the next level of SALES FUNNEL.

With regards.

Indronil Roy Chowdhury.

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