Why to choose developyourskill.com ?

Developyourskill.com is the first of it’s kind Insurance Training School working with the Mentorship of Indranil Roy Chowdhury. It is unique in its kind for the first time launched in India, helping Insurance Professionals to drive High Growth Oriented business of Life Insurance. Developyourskill is dedicated to serve the field personnel of LIC of INDIA, we only believe in LIC, that it is the builder of the nation and is contributing every single moment in nation building activities through it’s biggest network. We give you support of first in it’s kind with Robotic Technology and AI, that is the Artificial Intelligence.

It will be an automated system for your business growth which will contribute every second with automated interfaces in terms of LEAD GENERATIONand CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT. We use similar technology also in our training programs for live demonstrations.


We don’t charge anything for our elementary trainings which include the following:

Whenever you join LIC in our team this pack comes free absolutely by which you can develop your own business virtually on all online platforms. The use of robotic technology will give you the lightning fast speed to gear up and cope up everything in terms of the existing offline mode of business. AI will give you the power of grabbing the market of 130 Crore Indian population. In LIC with the mega Brand Power and the Market leader our goal is to safeguard the interest of the Corporation and be the shield of the Indian market so that all citizens get the best of LIC and we can also work as the custodian of public money.

If you are an existing LICan(you have to show proof of that), the elementary pack of training is absolutely free for you. Nothing is charged to you for this so that you can continue and develop your business properly. Just remember one thing, that for using this elements you have to have primary knowledge of Computer and Smart mobile phones with Android or IOS or a Mac-book and we drive you to the path of success.


Is LIC of INDIA the name of an Insurance company? No, it’s the name of Trust and Love. A man who is a bread winner or a Capitalist, both need life insurance in order to protect families and business. LIC of India is the largest insurer of the nation since 1956 with 2048 branches, more than 1000 satellite branches, hundreds of mini offices and thousands of Premium collectioncentres and servicing points, having a Claim ratio of 99.6% with the highest brand value. It has won the trust of the nation with dedicated services, utmost clear and transparent transactions through out years in past and present. We feel proud that our honorary mentor Indranil is backed by the 28 years domain expertise what he feels to be energized and powered only by LIC of India.

Joining LIC is the most rewarding and exciting event in One’s life. Why?

Joining LIC leads you to:
  • R & R i.e. Reward and Recognition System as High paid club members – like beneficiary of Chairman’s club or Zonal Manager’s club leading to tax free fringe benefits to the tune of 1,96,000/- in a whole year comprising of Office expenses, Touring and convention, Air fares, Out of Pocket expenses, Your own staff wages, Stationary Allowances and many more
  • You may become the Corporate or Galaxy Club members and enjoy all benefits of becoming an Entrepreneur, you will deploy your own staff with your own office
  • LIC offers you own premium point for client service
  • You will get the Corporate portal inter-connected to internet and intranet facility to monitor your upcoming events and earnings, can track the business hassle free
  • LIC premium calculator and Design software will be available on play store
  • You will be facilitated with online transaction facility and guidance by the LIC-MITRA online chat
  • You will get the power backed by continuous Radio and TV advertisements as an added benefit on the endeavor of LIC itself, no need to spend money from your pocket
  • You will get all necessary guidance to be promoted for international recognition of MDRT / COT or TOT – just be on the track and enjoy the highest reward of the industry


  • You will be surprised to know that LIC provided advance to all eligible advisors to the tune of 50000/- for restoration of life style during COVID outbreak, when we came to know, we could not believe, but it’s the reality and the total amounted to 2400 Crs of INR, that too interest free and with a moratorium of 6 month time, this is really possible for LIC, who else can think, we don’t know
  • If you are dreaming of landed properties, LIC extends the hands to you for even a higher loan category up to 25 lakhs with nominal rate of interest from LIC-HFL, great value to your career
  • There are so many front liners today in LIC who are using BMW or a Mercedes !! LIC provides interest free advance for that, nevertheless, two wheelers are also included on production of license, what more?
  • Get your own office, be it virtual or real life – LIC bears expenses and reimburses for staff, computers, equipment etc. – isn’t it good, seems it is the best part and you will not earn only, by the grace of God and your effort, you will support so many families who are looking for earnings
  • As a part of LIC you will feel proud and become a contributor of Nation Building Activities and you will get a badge from our side as a recognition in an Annual meet of Nation Builders


  • In addition to all above opportunities your prime income will be the handsome commission earnings which is tuned up to 25% in different plans depending upon terms and conditions
  • As an additional gesture LIC offers you 10% Bonus commission on your first year commission for the annual billed plans
  • Renewal commission is your residual income and continues as long as the policies continue in your port-folio, so you can say, single sale with multiple earnings
  • In case of unfortunate death of a business partner, the family is covered with Hereditary Commission claimed by the nominee(s) of the business partner
  • Apart from this you get the privileged joining for LIC Credit Cards Service and Listed Distributor under LIC Housing Finance Ltd., isn’t it exciting? Assets and liability products under same roof!! Awesome and exciting in real terms
  • LIC has got a big wing of Group business, till now we were talking on B2C model, but you can really explore B2B model with P & GS and Micro insurance in large scale, preferred by more than 6500 MSME sectors in India and many industries including corporate giants, be the part of that revolutionary business model of Business Insurance like E/E schemes, Partnership, Keyman, Mortgage redemption etc. and enjoy in volume


Do you want to join a Group medi-claim and a Group Term Insurance policy on your own life at negligible cost? If yes, come and join LIC, yes, you will get that benefits too as a privilege partner.


For all necessary details of LIC product-lines refer to www.licindia.in It is the best product basket backed by experienced actuary, correct mortality rates, varied risk management and non-adventurous, but still the most cost effective designs, so when you are with LIC of India, you don’t have to worry about future – LIC, during and beyond life and more, LIC of INDIA is the PRIDE of INDIA, we get emotionally moved on quoting this line. In single word, joining LIC is GOD’s MASTER PLAN for you and shortly you will feel that you had taken the right decision indeed.


Just give us a call on the number given in our site and join online, no need to come to anywhere, it’s so simple, joining time is maximum 15 minutes, we will guide you through the process on your mobile.


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